TracEE binding for Apache CXF

This module is used for CXF implementations on client and/or on server side. It’s tested with CXF 2.7.13 and should work with all versions above.


Add to your CXF dependency for REST or SOAP our additional TracEE part. For example in maven-style projects add to the pom.xml:

        <version>RELEASE</version> <!-- You should specify a version instead -->

Then you’re able to use our TraceeCxfFeature:

final ClientProxyFactoryBean factoryBean = new ClientProxyFactoryBean();
factoryBean.getFeatures().add(new TraceeCxfFeature());


When the client sends a request to the server and he sends an response back, both kinds of message (request and response) have an outgoing and an incoming part. We can count four phases: * Clients sends the request: RequestOut * Server receives the request: RequestIn * Server sends back the response: ResponseOut * Client receives the response: ResponseIn

A CXF Feature gives us the ability to add only two regular and two fault interceptor chains. Due this limitation we have to add two incoming and two outgoing interceptors at the same time. To distinguish between request and response we use the CXF helper Method MessageUtils.isRequestor(msg). This method is called at every invocation and helps us to use one single Feature for the client and server side.


This project is released under the revised BSD License.

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