TracEE binding for Quartz Scheduler

This module contains a Quartz JobListener to extract the TPIC and generate a TracEE invocation identifier before a quartz job starts. This ID is send to other services if a entire binding is attached to the communication stack.

  • TraceeJobListener: Generates a invocation Id and clears the backend after the job has finished or aborted in an ungraceful way.
  • TraceeContextInjector: This class injects the current TPIC into the JobDataMap at the time when a dynamic generated job is scheduled.


Use this module with Quartz 2.1 or above. Add this module as dependency. For Maven:


Add the TraceeJobListener like other job listeners:

With Quartz-Properties

Quartz-Jobs are typically configured by configuration file. (See the configuration documentation for further instructions.).

Add an additional job listener to your configuration:

org.quartz.jobListener.TraceeJobListener.class = io.tracee.binding.quartz.TraceeJobListener

Programmatic with Java

scheduler.getListenerManager().addJobListener(new TraceeJobListener());

Delegate TPIC information to dynamic created jobs

It could be the case that you use quartz to continue your invocation processing in asynchronous manner. It could be necessary for you to delegate the invocationId or other TPIC information to the generated job. You could achieve this by using the TraceeContextInjector at dynamic generated Trigger,JobDetails or JobDataMap. The TraceeJobListener will pick the TPIC and set it to the TraceeBackend of the job itself.

new TraceeContextInjector().injectContext(trigger);


This project is released under the revised BSD License.

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