TracEE binding for Spring AMQP with RabbitMQ

This module writes and retrieves TPIC header information to/from RabbitMQ messages with the Spring-AMQP abstraction.

  • TraceeMessagePropertiesConverter: Inherits from `DefaultMessagePropertiesConverter and handles the TPIC information from/to messages.


If you’re use Maven for your dependency management simple add this to your pom:

        <version>RELEASE</version> <!-- You should specify a version instead -->

Then set the TraceeMessagePropertiesConverter to Spring’s RabbitTemplate:

final RabbitTemplate template = new RabbitTemplate();
template.setMessagePropertiesConverter(new TraceeMessagePropertiesConverter());


This project is released under the revised BSD License.

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Web-Template based on SOLID by Carlos Alvarez and remixed according to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.