TracEE binding for Spring MVC

This tracee module reads the incoming TracEE context for requests to your Spring MVC controllers and generates invocationIds if needed. It adds the TPIC header to your responses as well. - If you don’t like to expose the TPIC in your responses (maybe you want to hide it from your users), you should take an individual TracEE configuration.

This module requires Spring 3.1.0 or above.


Add tracee-springmvc to your application dependencies. That’s all! - For example in maven-style projects add the following coordinates to the pom.xml:

    <version>RELEASE</version> <!-- You should specify a version instead -->

Then you’re able to use our TraceeInterceptor in two ways:

With Spring JavaConfig:

public class YourApplicationConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {

    public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {
        registry.addInterceptor(new io.tracee.binding.springmvc.TraceeInterceptor());


With XML configuration:

	<bean id="traceeInterceptor" class="io.tracee.binding.springmvc.TraceeInterceptor">
		<property name="profileName" value="default"/> <!-- The profile configuration is optional -->


This project is released under the revised BSD License.

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