TracEE binding for Spring Web Services

This binding module handles outgoing and incoming SOAP-Requests handled by Spring WS / Spring Web Services.


Add the dependency to your classpath. If you’re using Apache Maven, you could use this snipped and replace the version:

		<version>RELEASE</version> <!-- You should specify a version instead -->

Client-Interceptor – Add context information to outgoing requests

Use the class to implement your Spring-WS client. This helper template provides the ability to call client interceptors upon request.

<bean class="your.package.TheClassImplementingWebServiceGatewaySupport">
	<property name="interceptors">
			<bean class="io.tracee.binding.springws.TraceeClientInterceptor"/>

For a java based configuration use:

public MyApplicationConfig {

	public TheClassImplementingWebServiceGatewaySupport createClassImplementingWebServiceGateway() {
		TheClassImplementingWebServiceGatewaySupport gateway = new TheClassImplementingWebServiceGatewaySupport();
		gateway.setInterceptors(new ClientInterceptor[] {new TraceeClientInterceptor()});
		... // Add other required stuff to WebServiceGatewayTemplate


Server Interceptor – Extract context information from incoming requests

With a XML based configuration you add the TraceeEndpointInterceptor to all your soap services by attaching it to the sws:interceptors xml node. (Namespace:

	<bean class="io.tracee.binding.springws.TraceeEndpointInterceptor" />

You could add the tracee interceptor with a java based configuration as well. (Offered by Spring-WS 2.2 and above). After you enabled SpringWS with @EnableWs annotation on one of your application configurations, you’ve to extend the abstract class WsConfigurerAdapter to add the endpoint interceptor for all of your requests.

public MyApplicationConfig extends WsConfigurerAdapter {

	public void addInterceptors(List<EndpointInterceptor> interceptors) {
		interceptors.add(new TraceeEndpointInterceptor());


This project is released under the revised BSD License.

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Web-Template based on SOLID by Carlos Alvarez and remixed according to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.